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Crew keyring with embroidered patch

Professional 'Crew' Keyring in polyester with white embroidered text.

With an embroidered keyring like this, it's easy to find your keys in your pocket or bag.

The keyring measures 130x31mm.

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Crew keyring with embroidered patch

Professional Crew keyring

Elegant and simple embroidered key ring in polyester with 'CREW' embroidered on both sides with white thread.
The black and white embroidered design gives the key ring a streamlined, clean and professional look suitable for many different types of professions and groups.
Great as a small gift for all members of the crew e.g. for events with volunteers who need a little something extra for their efforts.


  • Professional Crew Keyring
  • Embroidered Text
  • 130x31mm

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