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Fotoetsede lette pins

Utformet av et tynnere og lettere metallstykke. Det gjør pinen ekstra lett å bære.

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Fotoetsede lette pins

Photo etched pins can have soft enamel colors or no colors. Photo etched enamel pins are a great alternative to other soft enamel pins, because the photo etching technique allows a thinner base and a lower price. To photo etche a enamel pin your logo is transferred from a film to a sheet of metal, then acid-etched and hand-fillled with your logo colors. The pin is baked at temperature of 160 degrees centigrade to ensure the colors quality. You also have the option of an epoxy coating that will be layed on the top of the pins. The epoxy coating keeps the colors from fading and cracking, but it also gives your pin a smooth surface.

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